Lothian Lockdown

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From June 2020, I officially took on the role of Knowledge Exchange and Impact project assistant in Lothian Lockdown: The Lothian Diary Project. This initiative, run by a interdepartmental team of researchers at the University of Edinburgh, is investigating the impact of the Covid-19 lockdown on people residing in Edinburgh and the Lothians. It hopes to do this by collecting video and audio diaries from people, explaining their experiences living through this strange time in our global and local communities.

It’s a really interesting project, not least of all because of the historical value that it has. We can really help to preserve a snapshot of what this pandemic was really like for people in ways that were impossible in earlier periods of history – like during the so-called Spanish Flu. Indeed, we are partnered with Museum and Galleries Edinburgh to form an archive of the data we received, so that our voices can be preserved for posterity.

If you want to find out more, or even take part yourself (and earn £15 for doing so!), check out our website: www.lothianlockdown.org, or contact us at lothiandiaries@gmail.com. You can also contact me directly using the contact page above!