LEL Postgraduate Conference 2021

Finally, just over a year after our mutual friend Covid-19 laid waste to my original PhD project, I will be giving my first poster presentation, this Saturday 10th June at 2pm, related to the first phase of my amended research project, studying the creation, negotiation, and resistance of language policy on (Northern) Catalan social media! I will be presenting the poster at the University of Edinburgh Linguistics and English Language Postgraduate Conference 2021.

My poster is entitled: “You’re an enemy of Catalan”: an examination of authority positioning in language policing on Catalan social media, and explores the ways in which users of two Catalan-language Facebook groups, dedicated to restoring the purity and authenticity, claim, ascribe or deny positions of authority when engaging in or subjected to instances of language policing (or “corrections”).

You can find a more detailed abstract of this poster below. To find out more about the conference, or to register (for free!), visit: https://pgc.lel.ed.ac.uk/.