Talking about KEI so far in the Lothian Diary Project

Exchange Knowledge & Prepare for Impact Workshop

University of Edinburgh, Scottish Graduate School of Arts and Humanities

Today I took part in a presentation organised by the University of Edinburgh’s Linguistics and English Language Knowledge Exchange office, entitled “Exchange Knowledge & Prepare for Impact”. It was excellent to have been able to talk about the various KE events that we have been involved in over the course of my one year as part of The Lothian Diary Project team.

The event was specifically targeted at linguistics PhD students and sought to demonstrate the ways that early career researchers could get involved in the crucial process of fostering knowledge exchange, and evaluating the impact of our research as social scientists. The event in itself was very illuminating, but it also served to remind me of just how lucky I have been to have been able to have this opportunity at this early stage in (what I hope will be) my academic career. In an otherwise bleak pandemic, my work with The Lothian Diary Project has been a welcome highlight.

If you’d like to check out what I was talking about, please feel free to check out my slides.